Unless you’ve been living in a remote yurt in Mongolia you have heard of ebooks. You have heard that Amazon sold more ebooks than hardcover books in 2010 and Barnes and Noble sold more ebooks than paperback books. You may not have heard that many industry insiders believe 2010 changed the landscape of traditional book publishing forever.

Puddletown Publishing Group has modeled itself to be part of that change. It is influencing the industry as an early adopter of the digital delivery system and creating a market for new and established authors. It publishes books cross-platform and cross-genre.

Kindle, NOOKcolor, iPad — all with applications for smart phones — allow readers to purchase digital versions of their favorite titles and read them whenever, wherever they like. The digital device allows the reader to make notes, save their place, and pack around an entire library of reading material without straining a muscle.

Ebooks are no longer an oddity for techno-savvy readers. Young and old alike are embracing them as the future of content delivery for authors, publishers and bibliophiles.